Sometimes justice delayed is not justice denied and this was proved after a Thane court passed its verdict on the complaint of a woman who alleged that the accused called her a ‘chhammak challo’.

The complaint was filed in January 9, 2009.

Passing the judgement, a magistrate sentenced the accused to simple imprisonment ’till the court rises’ for using the expression for a woman and even imposed a fine of Re 1 on him.

As per reports the woman’s complaint read, while returning from a walk with her husband she stumbled on a garbage bin which the accused had kept on the staircase.

After the garbage spilled, the accused got furious and shouted at the couple, and, among other things, called the woman ‘chhammak chhallo’. The woman found the term derogatory and later approached to register a complaint, but after the cops refused she went to court.

After almost 8 years, magistrate RT Ingale upheld her case stating that the accused had committed an offence. The court charged the accused under section 509 of Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Passing the sentence, the magistrate said, “It is a Hindi word. There is no word for it in English. The said word is to be understood in the Indian society by its use. Generally, this word is used to insult a woman. It is not a word for appreciating… it causes irritation and anger to any woman.”

Could this also be perceived as a warning for all the ‘chhammak challo’ song lovers as the track, sung by Akon, comes from a 2001 superhero movie Ra One.

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