Social media in today’s era has become one of the main sources to take peoples’ opinion or connect with them but a little less planned campaign can totally turn the tables and leave organisations in embarrassing situations.

The latest to suffer at the hands of social media is the Congress party who are being trolled after a poll was posted on their official Twitter handle about former Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru.

Congress on Monday posted a question on its official Twitter handle: In the absence of motorable roads in Bhutan in 1958, PM Nehru rode on an animal to visit the country. What animal was it?

The options given along with the question were A) Horse, B) Yak, C) Elephant and D) Donkey.

Though we can’t guess what the party was expecting from the people to reply them back on this question, but this one attempt from them to connect with the masses turned into a hilarious or rather in an embarrassing experience.

The party which was expecting people to at least know the animal that former Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru took a ride on in 1958, but the response they have got so far left them shocked.

The poll which is still on and has so far received 67% votes in favour of option ‘D’, a donkey. Though, he actually rode on a Yak as the roads at that time were not suitable for a car ride.

Almost every day we come across public figures, celebrities being trolled on social media but this particular experience for the party would have given them a second thought of whether or not they should have included donkey as an option. 

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