Even after the Government and the Supreme Court had ordered the removal of all the links relating to ‘Blue Whale Challenge’, the incidents relating to the game just doesn’t seem to end any time soon.

A minor girl hailing from Jodhpur was rescued after she jumped off a cliff into the lake in Rajasthan during on late Monday night.

Later, the victim was identified as a 17-year-old daughter of a Border Security Force (BSF) soldier.

As per reports, the police officials who were patrolling the area noticed a girl making rounds of the lake with her scooter before she jumped into the lake. The girl was later rescued by divers and policemen and was later handed over to her parents after a counseling session.

Reports suggested that the girl was playing the online game ‘Blue Challenge’ which forces vulnerable teenagers to undergo strange tasks and finally end their life.

As per an official report, Police Station chief Lekhraj along with diver Om Prakash followed her and rescued her from deep waters.

Talking to a leading daily, the police officer said that after the pulling the girl out of the lake she was questioned that why she did it to which she replied, “I had to finish the task”. A Blue Whale tattoo was also spotted on her arm — carving the tattoo on the arm is one the tasks which are assigned to the players.

The online game ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ which is reportedly originated from Russia has been making headlines as number of teenagers from across the world has committed suicides by falling prey to the game.

After a number of incidents relating to the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ were reported from India after which the Government had ordered the removal of the game.

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