In a major development, two former CBI directors are in for a major trouble as the agencies probing billionaire Moin Qureshi case have got a confirmation from Blackberry Canada saying that he exchanged controversial mobile text messages with them for corrupt deals.

The development came few days after exclusive probe documents accessed by NewsX suggested that the controversial meat exporter was not just acting as an agent for bureaucrats but was also extorting money from businessmen.  

Controversial meat exporter Moin Qureshi’s BBM messages with top CBI officials were most talked about in the corridors of power.

Documents available with NewsX show now there is a confirmation from Blackberry manufacturer that Moin and two former high-profile CBI directors AP Singh and Ranjit Sinha exchanged controversial phone text messages.

Since Qureshi and two former CBI directors are being probed for allegations of corruption by CBI, the new development has made the case all the more serious. Fate of two former CBI chiefs and a billionaire meat exporter hangs in balance.

Speaking to NewsX, former CBI chief Ranjit Sinha, who has been mentioned and none other than the Canada Blackberry has confirmed of the messages being shared, said, “This is absolutely false; I have not received any such information. Nobody has told me. This is for the first time I am hearing this that there is some exchange of correspondence between me and Qureshi. You are just scandalising for nothing. Who has given you this information? I have not learnt anything about this.

NewsX also spoke to former CBI chief AP Singh on exchanging messages with Moin Qureshi. AP Singh in his response on this issue said, “I have nothing to say I have no idea. I have no idea … don’t call me. I can’t say, I have not seen these messages.”

Putting his view forward, Qureshi’s lawyer RK Handoo in an exclusive conversation with NewsX said, “These are not evidence at all because they are recovered by electronic evidence.”

Just a couple of days ago, as per exclusive probe documents accessed by NewsX revealed that the controversial meat exporter Moin Qureshi was not just acting as an agent for bureaucrats but was also extorting money from businessmen.

The owner of a Hyderabad-based club had given a statement to the probing agencies against Moin Qureshi saying that he extorted money from him.

Satish Sana the owner of a Hyderabad based club was in touch with Qureshi in connection with the transfer of CBI joint director VV Lakshminarayanana. Sana had claimed that he and his friend Sukhesh Gupta had paid Rs 1.75 crores as extortion to Moin Qureshi in lieu of the help provided to Sana’s friend in a CBI case.

One more thing that came into notice was the exchange of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) messages between Qureshi and former CBI directors.

In the ongoing probe, the investigating agencies have also found evidence that hints that Qureshi used to regularly send gifts to Government servants holding important and sensitive positions. 

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