Mumbai police ordered an inquiry into the death of constable Goraksh Narsale who allegedly died after falling ill due to a viral infection caught while he was posted as a part of the rescue team deployed during the heavy rains in the city earlier in the month.

Police commissioner Datta Padsalgikar ordered the probe after parents of the dead constable complained of negligence on the part of the hospital authorities.

Narsale, who was on duty when the city was facing a heavy deluge and major water logging, died due to high fever at JJ hospital. Initially, he was admitted to the police hospital in Nagpada but his health deteriorated further in the facility.

Constable’s father, Dattatary, claimed that his son has died because of the negligence by the doctors of the police hospital. He stated “doctors did not even bother to check him once there”.

“Red rashes had erupted on his entire body and gradually, fever had reached his brain. Still no one seemed to worry or provide the necessary treatment to him. It was only when we vehemently demanded that they shift him JJ did they follow suit. But even for that they made us wait for an hour,” he said.

“Ultimately, it was this delay that killed him. Had they given proper care or at least moved him to JJ hospital faster, it would have been a different story,” the distraught father added.

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