Backtracking on his earlier statement over food code in India, newly-appointed Union Minister of Tourism KJ Alphons has asked people visiting India to eat beef in their own countries before coming to India. It should be noted that the same minister just a week ago spoke against any food code and championed beef-eating in Goa and Kerala.

But on Thursday, when asked about the safety concerns of the tourists in the country amidst the increasing violence in the name of beef and cows, Alphons replied, “The tourists can eat beef in their own country and come here.”

64-year-old Alphons assumed office on September 3 as the Tourism Minister during the major overhauling of Prime Minster Narendra Modi’s cabinet. A day after taking oath, he addressed media over ongoing beef-eating furore in the country saying, “I don’t think the BJP prescribes a food code for every state.”

“The Chief Minister of Goa has made very clear that Goa is a beef-eating state and Goa shall continue to be a beef-eating state. Kerala is a beef-eating state and it shall continue to eat beef,” he added.

Defending Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) stance about any food code, he continued saying, “…that is what people eat there (Kerala and Goa) and BJP doesn’t have a problem.”

Upon being asked why he has taken uturn on his previous stand towards beef-eating, KJ Alphons replied to the reporters that he is not the food minister rather he is the minister for Tourism.

Kerala and Goa draw a huge number of tourists annually from across the globe but the numbers have waned in the recent months with the prevalent cow vigilantism in the country.

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