A shocking video of a student slapping his peer has gone viral on social media. Both the students belong to Pathways School, Noida. The school authorities have said that they have taken action against the students involved in the incident.

The washroom of Pathways School, Noida was chosen by the students of Class 10 to record the entire incident and create a Snapchat story.


The recorded video went viral on social media and after the incident came to light, parents of the victim filed a complaint with the school authorities and the accused was suspended from the school.

The school authorities, after preliminary investigation, reached the conclusion that the incident is not of bullying or ragging but a consensual slap bet. According to doctors, the victim has suffered 25% hearing loss in the left ear after the slapping incident.

Pathways School director Dr Shalini Advani in a statement said, “This is a rather unfortunate incident. However, this is not a bullying incident. It is the outcome of a consensual peer ‘slap bet’ episode that a few Pathways School Noida students had between themselves. Pathways School Noida has been swift in responding to the situation and has taken appropriate action with involvement of parents of the students involved.”

As per reports, the victim of the incident is under stress and has gone abundant amount of pain

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