This renowned Indian actor has been making headlines over the last few months not just because he is the host of the Tamil version of Bigg Boss but also due to his statements. Kamal Haasan has never been one to mince words and on social media, he has ensured that he has spoken out about issues that affect the common man.

It all started with GST, when Kamal Haasan asked the government of India to cut down the percentage of GST for regional cinema. “We welcome GST and one India one tax. But this rate will ruin regional cinema,” lamented the 62-year-old actor to the media.

Post this, the Ulagaynayagan alleged widespread corruption in the state government and this got ministers hitting back at him. Some of them even dared Kamal to enter politics to which he replied on social media, “I became an adolescent politician the day I opposed Hindi imposition.”

Some people accused him of making these politically-hued statements to garner TRPs for his show Bigg Boss but that did not deter him from speaking his mind. He went on to push the people of Tamil Nadu and his fans to report all cases of corruption and wrong-doings of the government and question it as well using social media.

Recently, the death of young Anitha due to the implementation of NEET in Tamil Nadu also got the actor expressing his grief and criticising the education policy. He spoke out against the implementation of NEET and urged youngsters to unite for a common cause. In fact, there were many student protests across the state post Anitha’s death.

Added to this was Kamal Haasan’s speech at the DMK’s Murasoli platinum jubilee celebration and his lunch visit at Kerala CM Pinrayi Vijayan’s home. Given these developments and the hints dropped by him, people have been speculating which party he would join and when he would take the political plunge.

After meeting Vijayan in Kerala, Kamal Haasan said saffron was not his colour alluding to the BJP. But he also made it clear that he didn’t want to side with any political party in Tamil Nadu. This then rules out both the AIADMK and DMK which are the two biggest parties in the state. And as for Congress, the actor has never veered towards that party at any point. Subramamiam Swamy recently tweeted that Kamal Haasan will join the CPM but many rubbish this claim.

Many celebrities and fans on social media have supported him and are asking for him to take the political plunge. His strong statements about the current political scenario and state of affairs in Tamil Nadu have resonated with the common man. The people of Tamil Nadu seem to be looking for a saviour and given Kamal’s penchant of taking the bull by the horns, they feel he could fit the bill. While people around Rajinikanth are talking about the actor launching his own party, he himself has not made any statements that reflect his ideologies or thought process about social issues. And thus, Kamal Haasan seems to clearly score over him.

So will the Ulaganayagan choose to foray into politics? That’s a question that will hopefully be answered soon as all eyes are on him at this point.

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