The Income Tax department has listed names of seven Lok Sabha MPs and 98 MLAs from different states whose assests have incresed exponentially over the years. Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) on Monday informed the same to the Supreme Court during a hearing.

The CBDT also told the Supreme Court that it would provide the names of the MPs and MLAs in a sealed cover.

The Supreme Court was also informed that the initial inquiry in the matter against some of the lawmakers is underway. This revelation came in the affidavit filed by the CBDT in response to a petition filed in 2015 by NGO “Lok Prahari.

Lok Prahari, a Lucknow based NGO had released a list of 37 MPs including 11 Rajya Sabha members and 257 MLAs and mentioned that their election affidavits show significant increase in their assets.

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