Swiping card at Pune-Mumbai toll plaza proved disastrous for 36-year-old, Darshan Patil who is a sales manager from Pune. Darshan paid Rs 230 at Khalapur toll and within two hours, Rs 87,000 were stolen from his bank account.

“At the Khalapur Toll Plaza, I paid R230 at 6.27 pm. Immediately, I received a message about the transaction. But around 8.31 pm, I received a notification saying that a purchase worth Rs. 20,000 had been done with my card. Within minutes of that, I got six more messages of fraud transactions made through my debit card,” Patil was quoted saying by mid-day.

Patil was on his way back home to Pune on Saturday evening, when he stopped at the Khalapur toll plaza and swiped his card. Patil has registered a complaint at the Hadapsar police station in Pune.

There are chances that the CVV and the card number were compromised while the victim made the payment at the toll plaza. However it remains unknown how the transactions were made without the one time password (OTP).