Union Minister Smriti Irani on Tuesday lambasted on Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on his Berkeley address and said that a failed dynast today chose to spoke about his failed political career in USA. “It was fascinating to listen to him that under Sonia Gandhi, Congress party became arrogant.”

Rahul Gandhi during his address at the University of California earlier today admitted that around 2012, arrogance crept into Congress party and they stopped having conversations with the people.

“To say that Congress became arrogant under Gandhi and hence lost election is a big political confession in itself. After failing to connect with people of India, Rahul Gandhi chose platform of convenience for berating his political opponents,” Smriti Irani said. 

Smriti Irani further said, “The fact that Rahul Gandhi says that dynasts and dynasties is the very fulcrum of India in itself is an anomaly.”

“President became what he is on the sheer dent of his merit. Same is the case with Vice President. It shows that Indian democracy thrives on merit and not on dynasty. While Rahul is doing chit chat in foreign soil our president is travelling nooks and corner,” Smriti added. 

Rahul Gandhi in his address had hit out Prime Minister Narendra Modi and blamed him for his policies in Kashmir that saying they created space for terrorists. The Congress vice-president also brought in the demonetisation issue and said decision taken without asking Chief Economic Advisor and Parliament caused tremendous damage.

Smriti Irani while reacting on Rahul Gandhi’s remark on PM Modi said, “Fact that Rahul chose to belittle the Prime Minister but that was expected. PM is born in a poor village became after getting a resounding support from people.”


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