After the Bombay High Court adjourned till Wednesday the hearing of an anticipatory bail application filed by the trustees of Ryan International Schools, NewsX in an exclusive conversion spoke to Advocate Nitin Pradhan, who is representing Pintos in the court, in the case of 7-year-old who was found murdered in school’s Gurugram branch.

The trustees – Augustine F. Pinto, his wife Grace Pinto and their son Ryan Pinto – had on Monday filed the application seeking anticipatory transit bail to move an appropriate court in Haryana.

Speaking to NewsX, Nitin Pradhan confirmed that Haryana police was at Ryan trust office and was examining the required documents.

Nitin Pradhan said that they were ready to corporate. “Everything is clean. Scene of offense is not in Mumbai, it is in Gurugram. Whatever police is asking we are cooperating,” he said.

“I am just requesting the court to allow me to go to Chandigarh to file the anticipatory bail application. I have to go to Gurugram court for filing anticipatory bail application and their bar Association and other lawyers are not permitting anyone. When administrator and CEO of Ryan International School went to defend in front of magistrate, they were prevented from doing that,” Pradhan added.

Speaking on this horrific incident, the lawyer said, “This incident is horrible. No doubt no one can claim anything out of that. But that doesn’t mean innocent of that incident, they are also prevented from representation of lawyer … who will listen to accused who are put in dock …”

Responding to whether the conductor was being framed in this case, Pradhan said, “How can media say conductor is framed … Framing means implicating someone falsely… which means murder is done by someone else and to protect someone else they are trying to frame conductor.”

“The surprising thing is Ryan Pinto has to do nothing with this trust … not even an employee and trustee of school. It’s just his name that has been given to that institute merely because that is the case do you want to arrest him also.”

“Pinto’s are not coming out as things are getting violent, who will dare to go out and speak. If you want security we can talk across the table. There is only one protection that is judicial,” the lawyer added.

“I don’t know about Grace Pinto’s (co-promoter and Managing Director of the school chain) political connections … If you talk about BJP, she’s close to Sonia Gandhi too … Grace has opened school in Rae Bareili,” Pradhan said.

Nitin Pradhan further said, “I never had discussions with respect to past incidents that have happened in school. Pintos are asking for protection from court. One can understand if they have committed offense of murder. But something which is attributed to them is something that is over stretched to ensure poetic justice is given. Can’t say more than this as matter is subjudiced.”

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