On September 8, police arrested Ashok Kumar, the conductor of the school bus and prime accused in the murder of a seven-year-old boy in Ryan International School.

NewsX caught up with Saurav, the driver of the same bus. In an exclusive conversation he said, “I parked the bus in the parking at 7:50AM, and sat there with other drivers. After sometime we heard the screams from the office building and we rushed there. Reaching the office building I saw Anju Ma’am and JS Thomas shouting that a child has been injured. They asked me to get the vehicle; I immediately got the bus and parked it outside the office. Later I saw them taking a child to the hospital in a Wagon R car.”

Saurav also told NewsX that when he saw Ashok he was drenched in blood. Saurav even mentioned that he overheard people saying that a child had slipped in the bathroom and was injured. The bus driver also confirmed that the bus conductor Ashok Kumar left with the children and the knife was not present in the toolbox of the bus.

Saurav also told NewsX that Ashok had worked with him for past 4 to 5 months but did not show any symptoms of being a paedophile nor the school authorities or parents complained about him in this period.

The Class 2 student’s murder led to angry protestors staging demonstrations outside the school located in Bhondsi on Sohna Road.

At least 50 people, including nine scribes and photo journalists, were injured on Sunday when police baton-charged a group of protesters in front of the school building.

Jyoti, the victim’s mother, said the school management “misguided” them after the murder and his father Varun Thakur, a senior executive in a private firm in Gurugram, was compelled to move the Supreme Court for a probe by the CBI.

The apex court on Monday issued notice to the Centre, CBI and Haryana government on the plea by the father.

However, the man’s family claims that he is falsely implicated since he was poor. Kumar was also presented before the court as his three-day police custody had finished and was sent to 14 days of judicial custody.

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