A Gurugram man has posted a video of insects crawling out of the seasoning packets delivered by Domino’s Pizza.

Cautioning others to stay safe, Facebook user Rahul Arora has written, “#BEWARE! All lovers of Domino’s Pizza India’s oregano seasoning, like myself. This is what they make you eat”

As per Arora, he had ordered the pizza through Domino’s mobile app on Friday evening and found the insects next morning.

“We were #shocked. Opened all the sachets they delivered and found these in every single one of them,” he added. 

Meanwhile, Domino’s has said they adhere to maintain strict hygeine and quality standards.

“We have thoroughly checked oregano sachets in our restaurants and across our value chain and have found them to be safe for consumption,” NDTV quoted the company as saying. 

Watch the full video here: 

Arora has filed a complaint with with the Department of Consumer Affairs asking them to look into the matter. 

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