PUNJAB: The suspected terror attack in Punjab on Monday has now being exposed as a confirmed planned attack in the Gurdaspur region of Punjab. 

The incident that killed seven, including police officials took place in the Dinanagar town in the frontier district of Gurdaspur. Dinanagar is close to the Jammu and Kashmir border.

In a video that has been exclusively accessed by NewsX, three terrorists who were captured in the CCTV cameras are seen walking on the streets. Dressed in Army uniform, the trio was captured in the camera hours before the attack, loaded with ammunition. 

The deadly terror that was unleashed in Punjab yesterday was planned in Pakistan, reports said.

24 hours after the attack, investigating agencies have put together all the pieces that clearly show how the plot was designed and controlled from Islamabad with the inconvertible proof. 

According to the latest reports, the police are still diffusing a large number of explosives that the terrorists had placed in the Dinanagar region. 

Punjab police is taking help of central investigators in now collating the evidence on the ground.

More evidence of Islamabad’s complicity in the shocking attack in Punjab intelligence sleuths have finally decoded a map that shows how the attackers came from Pakistan. The terrorists used riverine route to cross over into India and they even hid overnight.

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