It has now been confirmed by Kamal Haasan’s spokesperson that the actor will be taking the plunge into politics and will start his own political party. This news doesn’t come as a surprise as there has been widespread speculation about when he would join politics.

Kamal Haasan has been voicing out his condemnation about the functioning of the state government and other issues like NEET.

He has now reportedly taken the decision to take the leap and wants to do it before the local body elections in November. He reportedly feels that the local body elections would be the best way to reach out to the people and serve them.

There have been many people on social media who are supporting the actor and want him to jump into politics. Many celebs are also supporting him. Kamal Haasan seems to have done a one up on Rajinikanth by making his announcement before the Superstar.

People believe that he will be Left-leaning but would want to run an honest, transparent government. Expectations are high at this point as to when he will make an official statement and launch the party.

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