In an attempt to keep a check on rising population in the country and achieving gender equality, the Assam legislative assembly on September 15 passed a resolution which says that people getting married before the legal age will not be entertained for any kind of government jobs or employment generation schemes of the government. The recommendation were presented by the ‘Population and Women Empowerment Policy of Assam’ in the assembly.

The new guidelines will be eligible for both male and women. The new recommendations also said that couples who would having more than two children will also not be eligible for any government jobs, which means people only with 2 children or less will be able to apply for government jobs.

The new initiative is aimed towards achieving gender equality, motherhood, provide health care and other welfare schemes for the people of the state, says a government minister has said in a statement.

On September 15, the State Assembly passed a bill that makes it mandatory for state government employees to take care of their parents and needy siblings or face a cut in their income.

The Assam Employees Parental Responsibility And Norms for Accountability and Monitoring (PRANAM) Bill was passed unanimously, with almost all the ruling and opposition MLAs backing it.

(With inputs from IANS)

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