A woman who was caught slapping an Army JCO on the streets of Delhi on September 9, has now issued an apology for her act. The lady said that it was a misunderstanding due to which she took such an action. 

Giving a justification for her act, the woman said that as she informed earlier also there were some people who were following and harassing and it was a misunderstanding that’s why that incident took place. “And for that I apologise to everyone, the army men, to pardoned me as I did a wrong thing.” 

The lady further added that she was also ready to directly talk to those people whom she slapped in public to apologise for her act. 

“I respect army people, it was a misunderstanding due to which this incident took place,” she added.

On September 9, a woman was caught slapping an Army Jawan on the streets of Delhi. The video went viral on the internet and had received strong condemnation from all.

The accused lady was apprehended by the police and FIR under 4 different sections of the IPC was also registered against her.

Speaking to NewsX in an exclusive conversation with NewsX, the victim JCO Mahavir Singh had said that he was on his way to Nizamuddin Railway Station with the leave party when an Indica car came in front of the Army vehicle and started driving rashly, then the car suddenly stopped and the woman driving came out and slapped the driver of the Army vehicle and him who was sitting next to the driver.