Pianist Karan Joseph’s alleged suicide has become a jigsaw puzzle. As the Mumbai Police piece together the clues, a week long investigation by NewsX unearths bone-chilling facts.

On September 12, the day when the Mumbai police filed a case on abettment of suicide, the day Karan’s father spoke out to highlight the tortures his son was facing; it was also the day when cops were questioning Karan Joseph’s flatmates and friends.

Speaking on this incident, Rishi Shah said, “I don’t want to change or prejudice the investigation in anyway, police know what they are doing … a lot has been said so, let the process proceed.”

In an exclusive investigation conducted by NewsX, we spoke to Karan Joseph and Rishi Shah’s domestic help Vinod.

Here are the excerpts of NewsX’s exclusive conversation with Karan Joseph and Rishi Shah’s domestic help:

NewsX: Why are you being called here repeatedly? You weren’t present, you were inside, So you have no role to play. They should call those who witnessed this.

Vinod: Everything is about me here.

NewsX: Did you see him (Karan Joseph) jump off?

Vinod: Everything is about me here.

NewsX: Those who’ve seen it will be the witnesses?

Vinod: No one saw anything.

NewsX: There was some problem on Sep 5? Did something happen on Sept 5? Did someone hang him from the window? Did he himself go to get the money?

Vinod: Should I tell you one thing? I fear that I will say something, I am not supposed to.

NewsX: You have mentioned this, in the statement given to the cops? Someone has said a dog leash was tied?

Vinod: I tied him. Rishi Sir tied him and I pulled

NewsX: He himself went there to get the money? No one was trying to hang him? A neighbour said that she saw him (Karan Joseph) hanging and he was screaming.

Vinod: I know, I know the entire story. The fact is that nothing will happen to them (Rishi Shah and others)

NewsX: All that I want to tell you is that if there is some foul play, cops will take time to figure out. Such high profile cases, take time. You have given such a statement to the police?

Vinod: I gave such a statement which would shield him (Rishi Shah). If I open my mouth, even a little, he (Rishi Shah) will be in big trouble

NewsX: I know that. You shouldn’t change your statement 50 times. If you changed your statement multiple times, you will be in trouble.

Vinod: Yes, hence I have given only one statement. If the blame comes on me, I will open my mouth, All these (Karan Joseph’s) friends will be in trouble

NewsX: What happened that night? What Rishi told me, did all of that happen?

Vinod: Look, my name shouldn’t surface. This is not just a case of suicide. This is not even a murder case.

NewsX: It’s not even a murder? What do you mean?

Vinod: It’s not a case of suicide, it’s not a murder. It’s something else. There’s much more to this case. The case is much bigger. If you solve this case, then …

NewsX: He (Karan Joseph) Did jump off?

Vinod: He himself jumped off. This is a huge matter. In this, at least all his friends will be jailed.

The three contradictions: 

Contradict 1

Police Probe: 3 people saw Karan jump off

NewsX Investigation: No one saw Karan jump off


Contradict 2:

Police probe: Rishi Shah, eyewitness to alleged suicide

NewsX investigation: Domestic help admists shielding his boss (Rishi)


Contradict 3:

Police probe: Domestic help saw Karan jump off

NewsX investigation: Domestic help admits giving botched-up statement

According to the statement given to the police by Rishi Shah and Vinod, there were three people who were present — Rishi Shah, Karan Joseph’s Estonian Friend and domestic help Vinod — all were at home and saw him jump off from the 12th floor. Rishi Shah said Karan looked him in the eye as he jumped off to his death.

The truth about the incident was in front of us, the fact that Rishi Shah’s domestic help Vinod gave a false statement to shield him. But what is more evident and raises  the doubts was why would Vinod do this? Was he forced by Rishi Shah or was he lured by money, what was Rishi Shah trying to cover if anything and if anything, what is Vinod trying to hide?

The big questions:

— Did Karan Joseph commit suicide or was he murdered in cold blood?

—Was Sep 5 incident a dress rehearsal of what unraveled on Sep 9?

—Who was the person or people who brutally assaulted Karan Joseph?

—Was 29 year old pianist driven to suicide due to the threats he got?

—Is Rishi Shah trying to shield bigger names by ‘faking ‘ facts?

Watch NewsX exclusive investigation in the above video.