In what could be seen as another embarrassment for the Nitish Kumar government, a part of Rs 389.31 crore Dam which was to be inaugurated by the Bihar chief minister came down hours before its inauguration.

However, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar called off his visit to the inauguration site after a part of dam came down.

The dam was constructed with an aim to boost the irrigation system for the farmers. Water flowing from dam in Bhagalpur’s Kahalgaon flooded several low-lying areas. The dam is a part of state government’s Gateshwar Panth Canal Project.

Speaking on the incident, Minister of Water Resources, Lallan Singh said, “The dam broke due to release of water in full capacity. The incident has not caused any damage to the newly constructed part of the project.”

Cashing political points on this situation, former deputy chief ministe of Bihar Tejashwi Yadav hit out at Nitish Kumar saying a dam that burdened the ex-chequer Rs 381.31 crore broke 24 hours before its inauguration, corruptions causes fall down of another dam.

Meanwhile, in order to prevent further flooding, sandbags were put to check out the flow of water.