Mejor Sunil Dutt Dwivedi, an MLA from Farrukhabad area of Uttar Pradesh has set an example of humanity for everyone. In a recent incident, while the MLA was traveling on Farrukhabad-Fatehgarh road, saw three people who had met with an accident lying in an unconscious state near the Bhimsen market.

Dwivedi, without waiting for the ambulance or wasting any more time quickly rushed them to the Lohia hospital along with the help of his security guards.The incident took place on Friday, September 23 in the evening.

When the MLA reached the hospital with the victims, his guards carried two of the victims to the emergency and since he could not find an empty stretcher for the third victim, Sunil Dutt Dwivedi carried the victim on his back so that no further time was wasted as he was in a critical condition.

The three injured men, who were identified as Arvind Singh Chauhan, Rishab and Rameshwar Singh said that in an attempt to avoid hitting Arvind, who was riding a bicycle, Rishab tried to take a sharp turn when his vehicle skidded off the road and was hit by Rameshwar’s motorcycle. All of them had severe injuries which led them to an unconscious state on the road.

“When I saw that an accident has happened on the road and the victims are lying down unconscious with even some head injuries, I quickly rushed them to the hospital as one of them was an elderly man who was in a bad state of condition, but now with God’s grace all three of them are safe and recovering,” Sunil Dutt Dwivedi told NewsX.