Bengaluru which is known as the IT hub of has been riddled with a large number of potholes making it very difficult for the residents and commuters.

In an order that was carried out earlier by the BBMP, there were over 5,000 potholes that were registered. However, according to the latest survey that has been carried out by the civic agency, there are over 19,000 potholes in the city.

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has claimed to fill up these potholes before the month is over but in a series of stories, News X has exposed the utter apathy of the civic authorities. “The BBMC has given an underestimated number of the potholes in Bengaluru as there are more than 25,000 potholes in the entire city”, said BJP leader S Prakash.

“Last year over 2,000 crore were spent on potholes which has now gone down the drain. The BBMC and the corporators are looting the public and destroying the roads. The image of the Bengaluru city has unfortunately taken a severe beating,” he added.

On speaking about the conditions of the roads and increasing number of potholes in the city, BBMC Commissioner Manjunath Prasad said that the authorities are on the job and that by the end of September potholes will surely be filled.

“Our aim is to make Bengaluru a pothole free city for which we are also taking up new road projects,” said the BBMC Commissioner.

A survey held by BBMC says that there are about 19,500 potholes which exist on a stretch of 14,500 kilometers. BBMC and Bengaluru development minister have promised the people that they will try to fill up these potholes by September 30.