Pakistan’s Ambassador to United Nations (UN) Maleeha Lodhi has responded back to India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj hard hitting speech at the UN General Assembly where she had accused Pakistan of creating terror groups like LeT, JeM, Haqqani and Hizbul Mujahideen. Lodhi in response to Swaraj has said that India is the ‘mother of terrorism’ in South Asia and is responsible for harbouring terrorism.

She also remarked India as a predator trying to disturb peace between the two nations and that if the world organisation wants to maintain peace between the two countries then it should order New Delhi to stop provocateur and aggressive actions.

In a rebuttal, the Pakistani Ambassador said, “Pre-eminent export factory for terror” and added that India’s posture is that of a predator.

Defaming India’s political approach towards religious minorities in the country, she also mentioned that “India leaders have Muslim blood on their hands.”

The Pakistani diplomat also in a bid to take on India somehow made a blunder out of her speech when she raised a picture of a woman whose face was severely injured and painful, Lodhi addresses the President and tells him that the picture is “The face of Indian democracy.”

In a haste to put India down and defame their neighbours, Pakistan pulls off a major botch when Lodhi deems the picture to be of a Kashmiri victim. However the sensitive picture is of a 17-year-old Rawya Abu Jom’a who is a victim of Israeli attacks that took place on Gaza in 2014.

Pakistan perhaps was in a rush to make sure they make a point and get themselves spared from the wrath of other countries and badly failed in a bid to save themselves from reality. The picture raised was taken by photographer Heidi Leivine for ‘The National’, an UAE daily. The picture is dated back from July 22, 2014.