In a shocking incident of mob justice, a boy was hung upside down and tortured for 18 hours for allegedly stealing a phone in Karnataka’s Mysuru. As per the reports, the boy worked at a construction site and was caught red-handed while trying to steal mobile phone of his co-worker.

Following this, he was brutally beaten by his colleagues and later hung upside down on a wall.

What is more appalling is that no police complaint was filed by victim’s co-workers who chose to take law into their hands instead.

Talking to NewsX about the incident, activist Brinda Adige said treatment meted out to young boy was gross violation of human rights.

“This is absolute violation of human rights, These people have taken law into their hands and must face proper action. I hope people in authority take cognizance of the matter and do the needful,” she said.

Adige further added that more and more instances of kangaroo justice prove that people have no fear of law and such goons must be taught a lesson by the police.

“People know they can get away with it, It is high time police is told their job is to enforce the law and not to interpret the law. These people who assaulted these boys are criminals. They have committed a crime and violated human rights. They have used force and do not have an iota of concern for the life of this boy, so an attempt to murder should also be registered on these people. Action should also be taken against police for not registering the complaint and for not dealing with the matter correctly,” she said.

Meanwhile, police has taken cognizance of the matter after it was widely reported in media, but no official complaint has been filed as of now.