Coming as a major development in the murder case of senior journalist Gauri Lankesh, a student who is the only eye-witness of the crime, has now deposed before the Special Investigation Team  (SIT) probing the case. Gauri Lankesh was shot dead at her residence in Bengaluru by miscreants on September 6.

According to exclusive information accessed by NewsX in the murder case of Gauri Lankesh killing, a student who was residing opposite Lankesh’s house has now come before the investigating team and revealed details of that unfortunate night.

The student was till now absconding fearing his life as the killers took a good look at the student before fleeing which frightened the eye witness to leave the city.

However, the student now confirms that there were two miscreants at the crime spot. The student has given description of the bike and miscreants. He said that both were wearing helmets.

The eye witness was tracked down and took into confidence and was also made to hear bike exhaust sound to match the make.

Currently, after revelation by the student, the SIT probing the case is now working on the face of assailant and it is expected the sketch of the accused assailants will be ready soon. 

SIT is also seeking custody of Dr Virendra Tawade, who is in CBI custody over killing of narendra dabholkar in 2013.

Carrying forward its investigation, the SIT is also mulling ways of taking Scotland Yard police assistance for visual enhancement of footage taken from Gauri’s house.

Sources close to NewsX have also said that the naxalite angle in Gauri Lankesh’s murder has been ruled out. It might be a small fringe group that works in isolation. 

Senior Journalist Gauri Lankesh’s murder was condemned by a number of politicians, journalists, Karnataka Chief Minister and others. Protest march by Gauri supporters including relatives, journalists were also carried out in Bengaluru against the state’s administration for poor security.  

Music maestro AR Rahman, known for his powerful rendition of “Vande Mataram” and “Maa tujhe salaam”, had said that if incidents like journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh’s murder keep happening, then it was not his India.