A breakaway from a normal routine life turned into a dreadful nightmare for the students of national College in Jayanagar on Sunday after one youth died in a tragic incident at Kalyani water tank in Bangaluru. As per reports, around 21 students of the national college were on a trek and in amidst the action they took a pause for mandatory selfie break. Little did they knew that their selfie is about to capture the most tragic moment of their life.   

While the group was busy taking pictures near the water, one of the students was skirmishing for his life as he eventually drowned around the afternoon.  

Last month, a similar incident took place in a prominet picturesque tourist place in Telangana where 2 youths drowned at the Kuntala waterfall.         

With India already having the highest number of selfie-involved deaths according to a foreign survey, this latest incident is nothing but an eye opener for many.  

As per a study by scholars from Carnegie Mellon University and Indraprastha Institute of Information Delhi, India has had the maximum number of selfie-deaths than any country over the last 2 years.

More than 25 people have died worldwide since March 2014 after trying to take selfies, and numbers reveal that selfies have claimed more male lives than of the opposite gender.