India has exposed Pakistan’s terror face rip open at the UN General Assembly after Pakistani diplomat Maleeha Lodhi tried to shame India at the world organisation by raising a fake picture of a Kashmiri victim which later turned out to be a victim of Israeli attacks that took place in Gaza in 2014. Paolomi Tripathi, India’s youngest and the junior most diplomat gave a hard-hitting reality check to Pakistan, a day after their goof up by showing up a picture of  Lt Umar Faiyaz, an Indian Army officer who was mercilessly killed by Pakistani funded terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. “This is a picture of Lt Umar Fayaz, a young officer from Jammu and Kashmir, he was brutally killed by Pakistani-supported terrorists,” Tripathi said while holding the picture to the world.

This came a day after Pakistan had tried to mislead the world in a bid to shame India and respond to India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s hard-hitting speech, where she called out Pakistan and had firmly quoted “While India produced scholars, doctors, engineers. What has Pakistan produced? They have produced terrorists.”

In a hurry to save the country from public shaming and produce a rebuttal to India, Pakistani top envoy first called India responsible for the growing terrorism in the South Asian region by labeling neighbours as “Mother of Terrorism” and then waived a picture of fake a fake Kashmiri girl.

Paolomi Tripathi not only countered Pakistan’s shameful act with courage but also put forth the tragic reality of Kashmir where Indian security forces are engaged in a combat round the year to stop illegal infiltration into the Indian territory.

“Mr President in view of this cynical and misleading attempt by Pakistan, we are constrained to show this Assembly, a photograph that reflects the real picture of pain inflicted by the nefarious designs of Pakistan on India.”

“This is real not the fake picture of Lt. Umar Faiyaz. A young officer from the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. He was kidnapped at a wedding celebration. He was brutally tortured and killed by Pakistan supported terrorists in May 2017,” Tripathi quoted at the Assembly.

Tripathi who is India’s first secretary at the Permanent Mission of India at the United Nations (UN) didn’t hold back at all and kept forth her views in a stern manner to announce to the Assembly that India will not entertain any deceptive attempt by their tainted neighbours.

Lt Umar Fayaz was abducted and martyr by some coward terrorists from his hometown while attending a marriage ceremony. He was an officer of 2 RAJRIF, posted in Akhnoor. His bullet-riddled body was found at Harmen (West of Behibagh).