Coming as a major development in Karan Jospeh’s alleged suicide case, the Crime Branch has re-recorded the statement of all the witnesses in the death case. The statements have been re-recorded after NewsX revealed that Karan Joseph’s and Rishi Shah’s domestic help Vinod have given botched up statements in the case.

All the witnesses including Rishi Shah, Karan’s Estonian friend Sussana Usma, Vidhi Shah, domestic help Vinod and Vicky’s statement have also been taken.

According to reports, Joseph’s flatmate Rishi Shah was grilled for many hours by the investigating authorities while Vinod was quizzed separately and is currently with crime branch.

Karan Joseph’s suicide case was transferred to Mumbai crime branch after NewsX sting operation when their domestic help revealed shocking details related to the alleged suicide case.

However, it should be noted that this is the primary statement after the case is transferred. No information has been shared as what Vinod has said after sting.

Earlier speaking exclusively to NewsX, Karan Joseph and Rishi Shah’s domestic help said that it wasn’t a case of suicide. It was not a murder but something else. There is more in this case.

While speaking to NewsX previously, Vinod had admitted to the fact that he had given botched up statements in relation to the suicide case of Karan Joseph.

Vinod also revealed it to NewsX that no one saw anything at the time of suicide and shared that he was feared for revealing more information.

Reacting on this case, former CBI director RK Raghavan said exclusively to NewsX that this was a complicated case and the outcome of it will depend on witnesses.

Joseph was a graduate from Berklee College of Music and a promising figure whenever emerging talents in Mumbai were mentioned.

For an artist like Joseph, who was game in making music out of anything, it was tragic to see how life came to an end in such an impulsive manner.

Karan Joseph had allegedly jumped off 12th floor of an apartment in Bandra. However, his father Thomas Joseph has said it was not a case of suicide, but murder.