Two lower court trainee judges have been dismissed by the Madhya Pradesh High Court for violating state government rules of having more than two children.

The two child policy came into effect after an amendment to the Madhya Pradesh Civil Services (General Condition of Services) rules 1961, post January 26, 2001, government officials face action if they are found to have a third child.

According to HC Registrar General Mohammed Fahim Anwar, “Services of Additional District (trainee) Judge at Gwalior Manoj Kumar and Additional District (trainee) Judge Ashraf Ali posted at Jabalpur stand terminated.

The final decision on the termination in the case was given after a meeting of High Court judges, presided over by the Chief Justice.

Earlier, to keep a check on population control, the Assam government in April this year had formulated a draft where the government said that people with more than two children would be denied a government job. The government also said that it would ensure free education for girls in the state till university level.

While addressing a press conference, Assam Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma had said, “This is a draft population policy. We have suggested that people having more than two children will not be eligible for any government jobs.”

The Health Minister also added that any person getting a job after meeting this condition will have to maintain it till the end of his service.

The minister also said that the government was trying to make provisions for 50% reservations for women in government jobs.

Not only bringing two-child policy draft, the Assam government also introduced another key feature where people who married at a very young age would not be eligible for a government job.

Following this, Assam became the 12th state to implement two-child policy for the government employees.

According to reports, the state policy also talked about proposing the Centre to set the two-child norm as a yardstick for candidates who want to contest Assembly elections.