In a shocking video showing cops making mockery of rule of law, a police officer was seen slapping a cafe owner in Hyderabad for being questioned on stealing milk packets. As the entire incident was recorded on the CCTV, the cafe staff uploaded the video on the internet showing the cops stealing the milk packets from the shop.

The cafe owner accused the cop for stealing milk packets but when the cop was questioned about this, he lost his cool and ended up slapping the owner repeatedly. Following the incident, the cafe owner has complained about the harassment by the cops.

According to reports, the cafe owner had found milk packets missing for quite some time. Noticing this, they installed CCTV cameras in the shop. It was about 2-3 days ago, they found one cop coming in and the constable picking up the milk packets on the orders of the inspector who was very much present there.

The cafe staff later uploaded the video on social media from where it got a lot of traction and was massively circulated.

Reports suggest that after finding out that the video was uploaded on the internet, the cops came back to the cafe to question the cafe owner and one can see in the video that they were being manhandled. 

This incident has surfaced just a day after another harassment by cops came to light where they assaulted a Kerala journalist. 

A Kerala journalist Sajeev Gopalan, who works for ‘Kalakaumudi’ newspaper was allegedly assaulted by cops on September 24 near Varkala in Kerala. The journalist was manhandled, hit on his head, eyes and face that caused him serious head injuries. He was later admitted to a government hospital.

The journalist was brutally thrashed by the police officials as they were seeking revenge from him who was reportedly working on a story where two women were kidnapped and the police had submitted the report in the favour of the accused.

Following the incident, the journalists association in Kerala had decided to conduct a protest march against the state police and it’s attitude towards the journalists.