The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on Sunday said that they are strongly against the plan of the Telangana government to increase the reservation for Muslims to 12 per cent in the state. Firmly opposing TRS government’s ‘appeasement policy’, RSS said that such moves had previously divided and destroyed the nation.

“The country’s more than 83 per cent Hindu population is against reservation for people from minority communities,’’ Krishna Gopal, joint general secretary of the Sangh said in a statement on Sunday.

While addressing  the Vijayadasami celebration organised by RSS in which thousands of members from various shakhas in the city participated, Gopal mentioned  that India’s former home minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who headed a committee on minority welfare, had said that a community which can cause the partition of a nation, cannot be considered a minority community and that the whole idea of appeasing the minority had destroyed the country.

“Patel believed that those from minority community who had difficulty in staying in India without reservation can migrate to any country of their choice,” Gopal said at the Vijaydasami celebration.

He also raised the matter of RSS workers being murdered in different states of the country and said that 400 RSS workers had been killed in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu until now and 35 RSS workers were killed this year in Kerala alone. Referring to discrimination in Hindu society (of caste), Gopal said that discrimination and untouchability were brought by outsiders.

Earlier in March, Telangana RSS General Secretary E Chandrashekhar, while talking about the issue of providing reservation quota to Muslims, said, “We are not opposed to any benefits being given to Muslim community. But we are opposed to giving quota which will create animosity in the society and it is not good on part of the TRS government to go ahead on this as it will not happen but knowingly if you still want to do it will create lot of mistrust among people,”