Indian Army carried out surgical strikes in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) on September 29, 2016; exactly 10 days after the Uri attack which claimed the lives of 18 jawans. The strikes were conducted to avenge the killing of 18 martyrs and the retaliation dealt massive damage at the enemy lines. September 29, 2017 which marks the first year anniversary of the surgical strike; NewsX gets you exclusive details on the entire preparation and briefing of the operation that was planned to avenge the Uri attack authentically by the Indian Army personnel of the surgical strike team.


 For the preparation of the surgical strike, first of all, we made a sand model of our target. We built the same kind of target that we’d find on the ground and we started war-gaming on it. All our selected troops spent several nights discussing the possibilities of how to go about it, how to conduct it and how to carry it out. All the contingencies and planning was done in approximately a period of two nights and two days.

 Although we (the troops) have been in that area for quite some time, encountered firings, but after the selection of the troops, we gave them an opportunity to refine and sharpen their skills if they needed to. So, whatever they felt they needed to refine, they worked on it as per the time available.

 The ‘sniper’ was zeroed based on the long range (targets). The rocket launchers were also fired and they were zeroed in (on the target) as well. All the weapons were tested to check they were in good condition, in case they had become old.

 For the operation, I prepared my medical bag. I had the sniper weapon with me already. I had already seen the target area for the surgical strike. So, there was an approximate range that we had to cover. When I figured out that this is the range from which we have to fire, I went to that range and practised a few times.

 After we received the task, we prepared our medical kit and compensated for any gaps. We had carried maximum EXO. It stops blood flow in the case of an injury. It was a mine area and we were worried most about mine blasts.

 I had already been to that area. When we were briefed on the 26th of September, I learnt this is where we have to go. I was assigned the role of a guide because I was familiar with the area.


 Until 26th September we didn’t know what the operation was all about. But when our briefing started, we were told Charlie Delta will operate in one area and Alpha Bravo will operate in another area. That is when we learnt the details of the operation.

 Our Corps Commander also briefed us. He told us where we will be going via helicopter. The entire plan was made by our CO (Commanding Officer), which he explained to the Corps Commander and the latter said, “Okay, you can carry it out according to your plan.” Before commencing, the briefing that we get, it’s top to bottom. Every individual has to deliver a briefing of their own; every individual has to explain their role in the mission.