When Indian Army planned the surgical strikes, there was only one thing on its agenda – avenging the Uri attack martyrs and eliminating the threat at the border and within its vicinity. Indian soldiers annihilated several terrorists and their hideouts, also dealing massive damage to their artillery. The surgical strike was carried out in such precise manner that, remarkably, there was no collateral damage for the Indians. The team that conducted the strikes exclusively spoke to NewsX and shed light on how they prepared for the attack and ultimately carried it out.

Ready to strike

We had prepared a few pre-set code words and passwords for the time of strike, so we could execute it at a particular time. Every individual knew their role in the operation, so all the men who were part of the operation knew their roles at every given point of time.

On 29th (September), in the morning, it was at first light… the time wasn’t clear… then the team commander told us he will pass on the message on the radio set. There was a radio set each between every two of our boys.

At first light…around 2AM-3AM, we were ready….We were ready to perform whatever role we had been assigned. After that we were only for first light and we were constantly making eye contact with everyone, awaiting signal to open fire. We thought it would be best to fire when maximum of the troops are outside.

If we strike at one spot, we had to be careful that it did not alert the rest. So, the strike timings were kept almost the same for all of us. So, that they cannot communicate fast enough between posts, and by then, we finish all the strikes.

It was the morning of 29th (September), around 6AM…we couldn’t check the time…We could learn of the time only through the message passed on through the radio set. We could hear the faint sound of a UAV, so we knew it was being used in this operation. So generally we understood that this is when the firing is to start. We were already prepared. That is when our team commander asked all the parties to get ready. All of us took our positions.

All the teams were instructed to be in position 15 minutes before they were given order to fire at the positions. So, during first light in the morning, he asked all parties to be ready…he said, “get ready, we have to start firing in the next 15 minutes”.


As soon as we had to fire, our team commander said, “all station for go”.

3..2..1..Go! We started firing. Our first fire was directed towards the sentry. To silence the post that was active…the sentry…we fired maximum at him. After that our rocket launchers…those who were in civil dress and those who were with the VIP at night…there were two barracks that were OR living, where they were staying. After the sentry, we covered the OR living. After that, we covered another officer and after that we fired at a cook …there was a line near him, where 4-5 of their men were staying. … we fired at them.

After we gave clearance to fire, our support weapons fired after that. Support weapons started firing, so whoever was inside would come out, and then we can engage them in close range.

From the rocket launcher fire… there was some kind of kerosene or cylinder tank …where the living area was near the cook…it exploded there. The entire OR living caught fire…which we could see with our own eyes…it was visible from afar as well because massive plumes of smoke were bellowing. Other than that there were a few barrels probably for oil or a few might have been empty as well… we fired a few rounds at them as well to trigger another blast that would shock them.

We fired at them and they caught fire. We fired at them over 10-15 minutes. Our foremost party finished firing within 5-7 minutes…after which they evacuated themselves out of there. After they moved behind, the support group started firing again. After they fired for 4-5 mins, they backed down and the earlier group started firing again.

This is how we moved backwards slowly. This caused confusion among the enemy. Because while were conducting the main strike, at their LP/OP post, our other team was constantly dominating them. So, our target post wasn’t retaliating but the other posts nearby were firing at us… with HMG, MG or through mortar. But they were confused about the origin of fire because we were firing from different directions and locations. This is the reason why they couldn’t fire at us accurately.

At least for 10mins, they couldn’t decipher where the fire was coming from. For 10 mins… the boys who were out in the open…because of the sentry change… they would change at 6am in the morning… they were having breakfast… the group with personal/single weapons engaged them. After that, rocket launchers destroyed the main post. Three-four rocket launchers targeted their barracks and destroyed them.

At the target, there were six men who were involved in the change of the sentry… they were in their sandals, having breakfast. There were probably cylinders that were kept to cook food in the main kitchen. Because of the rounds fired, the cylinders blew up. There was a big explosion.

We noticed there were few other posts, which would intercept our moves or fire at us to block our path. So we selected few such posts that would be unable to fire at us and we’d be able to exit easily. So we targeted those particular posts as well.