Pakistani attacks at the Line of Control (LoC) are not new to India. Several terror attacks have taken place for quite many years now. But the attack in Uri in which 18 of the Indian Army’s brave hearts were martyred fractured India’s patience and on 29 September 2016, the government decided enough was enough and planned a surgical strike to hit out at the terror camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). Special commandos of the Indian Army went across the LoC and targeted the areas south of the Pir Panjal range in PoK.

But post the successful implementation of the strikes, startling facts were revealed by the Indian troops who had valiantly attacked the terror camps in PoK.

Read what exactly happened in villages situated near the terror camps in PoK.

On 28th (September) around 2pm, when we were 200-300 metres away from the target, we saw one of their (PoK) villages. We observed normal activity in the village; people were working in the fields; children were studying in the school; teachers were doing their duties. There wasn’t anything odd about the village that could hinder our operation.

The Special Forces could have fired at them but we didn’t, because firing at civilians is cowardice, which militants do. We are the Special Forces; we only attack those who provoke us; we don’t disturb civilians. That is why we avoided that village and launched our entire force solely on the terrorists waiting at launchpads.

Near the PoK enemy post, there is a village within 150-200 metres distance. They’ve made a few posts within the village to divert us. We still did not attack it because if we had done so it would have resulted in the deaths of around 100 to 150 civilians. We don’t touch local population; that was never our aim.

This never-been-heard-before gripping account goes to show that life across the LoC in terror-charged areas of PoK goes on as usual, just as life of a commoner continues in Jammu and Kashmir. What has emerged is that all that the common man is interested in is living a normal everyday life and terror does not even figure in his mind.