Just a few days ago after the Myanmar Army confirmed the reports of 28 bodies of Hindus being found in mass graves in Myanmar, India released a statement saying that it hopes that Myanmar will bring to justice to those involved. Raveesh Kumar, External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson, said that according to the statement state counsellor of Myanmar, all the bodies found in the graves were of Hindus.

As per PTI reports, stating that India condemns terrorism in all forms, Raveesh Kumar said, “We emphasise that there is no justification to any act of terrorism which targets civilians in this conflict. We hope authorities will be able to bring to justice perpetrators of the crime.”

He also said that India hopes that all the needed assistance will be provided to affected. He further added that an appropriate compensation should also be given to the affected ones.

On September 25, the Myanmar Army released a report stating that at least 28 Hindus were massacred and buried in graves in Rakhine province of Myanmar by Rohingya militants. According to reports, the barbaric act was executed by Rohingya militants connected with the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA).

Highlighting the issue, the MEA spokesperson also said that India and Bangladesh are in ‘close touch’ over the Rohingiya issue.

Taking the cognizance of Rohingyas fleeing in to the countries neighbouring Myanmar, the US said that it will provide a humanitarian aid package worth $32 million to the Rohingya Muslim minority who have fled violence in Myanmar and crossed into neighbouring Bangladesh.

While speaking at the UNGA, the State Department’s Acting Assistant Secretary Simon Henshaw said, “The US funding reflects the US commitment to help address the unprecedented magnitude of suffering and urgent humanitarian needs of the Rohingya people.

The Rakine region in Myanmar has been a center of communal violence in the country for quite some time.

The region has also been a major hub of Rohingya people who are now heading and fleeing towards the Bangladeshi and Indian territories for shelter. The fleeing by the Rohingyas came into action after the Myanmar Army forced them to vacate the region, following Government’s direction.