Speaking at the 68th anniversary of founding of the People’s Republic of China, Luo Zhaohui, the Chinese envoy to India said that now is the time for India and China to move over the past grievances and mark the beginning of a new chapter of their friendship.

Highlighting the Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s meet on the sidelines of BRICS Summit in Xiamen earlier this month, the Chinese envoy Zhaohui said that two world leaders have sent out a clear message to maintain peace and tranquility in the border areas. He also added that both India and China have agreed to strengthen their ties.

“We should turn the old page and start a new chapter with the same pace and direction. We should dance together. We should make one plus one eleven. China is the largest trading partner of India. We have made a lot of progress at the bilateral level, as well as in international and regional affairs,” Luo said.

The comments by the Chinese envoy to India came in after a 73-day military standoff on the Doklam plateau in Bhutan, the longest in two decades between India and China had ended.

The ties between India and China weakened after they went into a war in 1962. Following a territorial dispute, post the war, the two nations share an uneasy relationship.

While speaking on the 68th anniversary, Zhaohui said, “In our bilateral engagement, there have been thousands of prominent persons like Prof Xu Fancheng, (Buddhist monk) Bodhidharma, Faxian (a Chinese Buddhist monk who travelled to India in the 3rd century) and Rabindranath Tagore.”

“We should never forget their contribution and legacies,” he added.

The 73-day long military stand-off between China and India also derived concerns from the US. Commenting on the border stand-off, US had said that the two countries must come out with an arrangement to keep peace.

State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said, “We believe that both parties, both sides should work together to try to come up with some better sort of arrangement for peace”.