A group of armed men barged into a private nursing home in Bengal and created ruckus in the hospital on Sunday morning. The group was demanding immediate attention and treatment to one of their injured friends. The group assaulted the staff of Paramount Nursing Home in Sreerampore, Hooghly district. The entire incident was recorded on CCTV. After the incident took place the police were informed and they have started probing the matter.

Superintendent of Police Sukesh Jain told media that the identification of the accused was being done with the help of the CCTV footage.

According to onlookers, on Sunday morning around 6:30AM six men barged into the private hospital, who came to the hospital on motorcycles. These armed men threatened doctors and staff and demanded immediate care for their friend who they claimed had got injured in an accident.

Some of these men even went inside the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and created a ruckus there. When they were asked to fill up the admission form they thrashed the person sitting in the first office. When the staff called the police they fled the spot.

The police are investigating the matter. According to the initial probe the police suspects the gang had committed some petty crime or got into a fight with another gang that left one of them injured. The police are trying to nab the criminals who are on the run after creating ruckus inside the private hospital. The CCTV footage recorded on the camera installed inside the hospital has provided key evidence and will prove helpful in the identifying these criminals.