Terming Delhi Metro’s proposed fare hike a clear violation of the law as commuters are hampered with a massive fare hike, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has urged the central government to put the hike on hold. Taking the cognizance of the proposed fare hike which will affect the daily metro commuters, Kejriwal said the Delhi government cannot remain a mute spectator when its people are affected.  

“Delhi government has never interfered in DMRC functioning, but it can’t remain a mute spectator when commuters are being hit,” Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said in a statement. “Delhi government appeals to the central government to invoke its powers under Section 86 of the Delhi Metro Railway (Operation and Maintenance) Act, 2002 to put on hold any fare hike till the entire matter is reviewed jointly by the central and Delhi governments,” the statement read.

The fares of Delhi were revised recently in May and if the hike gets applied, from October 10 the fares are expected to go up by Rs 10. The current fare structure of the Delhi Metro for 2 Km is Rs 10, Rs 15 for 2 to 5km, Rs 20 for 5-12km, Rs 30 for 21-21km, Rs 40 for 21-32km and Rs 50 for beyond 32 kms.

So from October 10, the fare is expected to remain Rs 10 for a distance of up to 2 kms, but for 2-5KM it will be raised from Rs 15 to Rs 20 which means the new maximum fare will be Rs 60. Defending its decision on boosting the Delhi Metro fare, the DMRC said there input costs have been sky high over the years and the raise is as good as equal to the fares of other city metro rails.