NEW DELHI: As she appeared before a court to record her statement in a sexual harassment complaint, young IAS officer Riju Bafna described her experience as ‘horrible and traumatic’. 
On her Facebook post, she expressed, “As a young woman facing the Court for the first time in a sensitive matter of sexual harassment, I realized why women do not want to come out in the open and report sexual harassment cases. The entire experience was horrible and traumatic.”
Riju had registered a complaint against Ayogya Mitra of MP Human Rights Commission in Seoni district Santosh Chaubey for allegedly harassing her by sending indecent messages.
The officer also claimed that she requested for an in camera recording of the statement while she was in the court but a lawyer in the court protested her plea claiming that it was not her officer that she could dictate her conditions. Riju claims that she made the request as there were several people present in the court and it was embarrassing for her to discuss her harassment case like that. 
“Such is the state of affairs for women in this country. When I said to Judicial Magistrate that he should be careful of presence of other people when a woman is giving statement under sexual harassment case, he said that you are young and that’s why demanding such things,” she said in her Facebook post.
Disturbed by what she had to go through in the court, she expressed her anger on Facebook and explained how an Indian woman is struggling at every step.  
“Idiots are lined up at every step and people are highly insensitive towards our sufferings. If you are born in this country, better prepare yourself for struggle at every step,” she said.
Soon after her remarks, the ‘idiot’ statement dtarted doing rounds on internet to which she clarified that she wrote the line 
However, when her statement calling people ‘idiots’ went viral, she clarified her remark claiming that she wrote the line “in the spur of moment and regret blaming the country for the fault of individuals. Though the entire experience made me realize how insensitive the criminal justice system is towards the sensitive matters of sexual crimes. I have full faith in the institutions of this country and I am making the following representation to the concerned authorities.”

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