New Delhi:  “My homage to all those who lost their lives in Hiroshima. The bombings remind us of the horrors of war & their effect on humanity”, twitted Modi.
Around 10,000 of people in Japan came together to commemorate seventy years to the day since  the Hiroshima was destroyed to ashes by an atomic bomb. 
Shinzo Abe, Japenese PM and other foreign delegates were among those people who mourned at the Peace Memorial Park.
This date reminds the catastrophic event in the world and humanity. In 1945, August 6 the first Atomic bomb named “Little Boy” was dropped at Hiroshima and second one named “Fat Man” was dropped on August, 9. It was US B-29 Super fortress bomber, escorted by two surveillance planes which dropped the “Little Boy”. A uranium gun-type “Little Boy” exploded two thousand feet above Hiroshima which destroyed five square miles of the city.
These bombs were dropped by the United States of America in retaliation of air strike by Imperial Japanese Navy to Parl harbor, US naval base on the morning of December 7, 1941. 
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