Over 3 lakh farmers in India have committed suicide since 1995 because of extreme poverty conditions, debt and famines. In spite of heavy promises, the government has yet not been able to do enough to make sure a proper well-being of these farmers who work all day out in the fields so that people like us are able to eat a healthy meal. 
In spite of the escalating graph of farmers’ suicide every year, there is little that anyone has actually done for them.
In order to explain the fear of the farmer’s families and the pain these people suffer, Skymet Weather has taken up the initiative to ensure that the farmers are able to receive accurate weather information so that both crops and their lives could be saved. 
In this short film, a heart touching story of a little girl is narrated who lives in a continuous fear that like several other farmers including her friends parents, her father who leaves house every morning for work may just commit suicide giving up on all hopes. Every word of the song, every emotion in the movie will not only touch your heart but definitely soul.
Depicted beautifully, the video is surely a tribute to all the farmers we have in our country and to their hopes and spirits that never fade away. 
Watch it here:

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