NEW DELHI: It seems that troubles for controversial god-woman Radhe Maa are nowhere close to an end, especially if the latest allegations against her are proven true. Yes, former Bigg Boss contestant Dolly Bindra who once followed the ‘spiritual guru’ kindheartedly has accused the Radhe Maa aka Sukhvinder Kaur of forcing her to have sex with a stranger, a media report said. (Also Read: 7 famous die-hard followers of Radhe Maa)
Not many days ago, the loud mouth actress had filed a complaint against Radhe Maa for reportedly receiving threat calls. And yet another time, Bindra has filed another complaint with the Mumbai Police Station naming 20 people in it about her rceent allegations. 
The report further added that Dolly Bindra has claimed that such things were like a regular practice during the satsangs of Radhe Maa. If reports are to be believed then the stranger Dolly Bindra is talking about is one of the close associates of Radhe Maa named ‘Talli Babba’. (Also Read: FIR against Radhe Maa for demanding dowry? Why is social media trolling her?)
“They all tried to exploit me during one of her satsangs and once, her son and her follower even tried to molest me in front of all her other followers,” Bindra has reportedly claimed adding that controversial god-woman’s son even stripped off his clothes in front of her.
Radhe Maa who has been in news recently for all wrong reasons has been slapped with a dowry case against her. 
At first, 32-year-old woman had filed a complaint of domestic violence and dowry harassment against her in-laws and Radhe Maa alleging that the ‘god-woman’ instigated her in-laws, who have been her followers for last several years. (Also Read; Shocking: ‘I am receiving death threats’, Dolly Bindra files complaint against Radhe Maa)
This was followed by another police complaint filed by advocate Ashok Rajput Ashok Rajput alleging her involvement in promoting superstition.
However, the series of complaints did not end here as another woman hurled allegation at self-styled god-woman, accusing Radhe Maa of performing obscene and vulgar dance steps with her followers during satsangs (spiritual discourses). (Also Read: Sonu Nigam compares Radhe Maa with Kaali Maa, rakes up controversy)

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