With the Covid-19 situation in India deteriorating rapidly, the calls for another lockdown are getting louder. If experts are to be believed, India needs to be put under lockdown for 15 days in order to break the transmission chain. However, there is another section that is arguing that imposing a lockdown would devastate the business and lives of people.

Last night, the national capital of India registered 17,282 cases in just 24-hours. These numbers are scary and they intensify the need for an immediate solution. Even if India plans or is forced to implement a lockdown, if its economy would be able to sustain it or not remains a huge concern. Another concern for India with a population so huge would be ensuring basic facilities for its vulnerable and weakest sections.

Amid Covid-19 cases spiking at an alarming rate, the central government and state governments are engaging in a sort of argument where state governments are complaining of shortage of vaccines, while the central government is blaming poor planning of state governments for being unable in handling the Covid-19 situation.

With initiatives like ‘Tika Utsav’, India is constantly ramping up its vaccination drive but as per some doctors, the inoculations are not going to prevent the 2nd wave as it’s already here. Doctors suggest that this vaccination might help with the next wave but for this, it’s too late.

In a conversation with NewsX yesterday, Dr Dhiren Gupta, Sr Paediatrician, Sir Gangaram Hospital said that he thought it was rightly said, India had missed the bus and now vaccination was not going to prevent this wave, it’s for the next wave. He added that probably the vaccination must have been done at a much quicker pace from January onwards. “We probably missed the bus and the virus has changed its direction,” added Dr Gupta.

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