Yuvraj Pokharna, Surat-based activist and educationist, has decided to donate tons of books to a school in the city. Pokharna said that they have organised them for underprivileged children to provide them resources to study so that they can grow. He, with the help of his friends—Prakash Mishra, Prakash Singh, Shailesh Shaina, and Upendra Goswami—categorised these books last Saturday and donated on Monday.
“One book-seller in my contacts decided to wind up as Coronavirus struck the India and his business wasn’t running well like other businesses,” Pokharna says.

“I asked him [the book-seller] casually regarding his plans with the in-house books, to which, he gloomily responded that he is going to dump them to a scrap dealer.” The weight of all the books, which the book-seller had, was more than 1.5 tons. Continues Pokharna, “This was as poignant as it could get.”

So, I decided, Pokharna says, to purchase those books amidst the pandemic. After decluttering and categorising these books into various bunches, he says happily, “Finally, these are going to the children who deserve.” The school, where these children are studying right bow, has endorsed the initiative taken by Pokharna and his team.