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‘Adopt Yoga in daily life’: PM Modi’s mantra in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ for wellbeing

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In his monthly radio address ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the people to include Yoga into their everyday lives, emphasising the value of Yoga in physical, spiritual, and intellectual well-being.

In the 89th episode of his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Prime Minister Modi said, “Next month on June 21, we are going to celebrate the 8th ‘International Yoga Day’, and the theme of ‘Yoga Day’ is – Yoga for Humanity. “I would urge all of you to celebrate ‘Yoga Day’ with great enthusiasm. Also, follow COVID protocols. By the way, the situation now is looking better than earlier across the whole world. On account of more and more vaccination coverage, people now are going out more than ever. Therefore, a lot of preparations are also being seen all over the world for ‘Yoga Day’,” said PM Modi.

According to the Prime Minister, the COVID epidemic has made all of us recognise the overriding importance of health in our lives, and Yoga is a terrific means for guaranteeing it.

He further said, “People are experiencing how much physical, spiritual and intellectual well being is receiving a boost through Yoga. From the world’s top business persons to film and sports personalities, from students to common people, everyone is making yoga an integral part of one’s life. This time I have come to know about some very innovative examples being held on ‘Yoga Day’ in the country and abroad. One of these is Guardian Ring – it will be a very unique programme. In this, the movement of the Sun will be celebrated, that is, as the sun travels, we will welcome it through Yoga from different parts of the earth.”

PM Modi stated that Indian missions across the world will provide yoga classes at sunrise, according to local time. The programme will begin gradually, following one country after another. The voyage from east to west will continue indefinitely and will follow these lines. These shows will also be streamed one after the other. It will be a relay Yoga streaming event of some sort.

The Prime Minister stated that the International Yoga Day would be celebrated in 75 major cities around the country. Many businesses are ready to do something novel at their own levels, in their particular sectors, on this occasion.

“I would urge you also this time to celebrate Yoga Day, choose any place in your city, town or village which is most special. This place can be an ancient temple and tourist centre, or it could be the banks of a famous river, lake or pond. With this, along with yoga, the identity of your area will also be reinforced and tourism will also get a boost,” urged PM Modi.

The Prime Minister stated that the 100-day countdown to Yoga Day began three months ago. In same vein, countdown programmes for the 100th and 75th days have been held in Delhi. Similarly, the 50th Countdown was held in Sivasagar, Assam, and the 25th in Hyderabad.

“I wish you should also start preparations for ‘Yoga Day’ on your own right now. Meet more and more people, urge everyone to join the program of ‘Yoga Day’; inspire them. I am sure that all of you will participate enthusiastically in the ‘Yoga Day’, as well as adopt yoga in your daily life,” he added.

‘Mann ki Baat’ is a radio programme, broadcast by All India Radio on the last Sunday of every month. The first episode of Mann Ki Baat was broadcast on October 3, 2014.

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