Amid an increase in Black Fungus infections in several Indian states, four cases of White Fungus infection have been reported from Patna, Bihar. It should be noted that White Fungus is more dangerous than Black Fungus. One of the infected patients is a well-known Patna doctor. White fungus infection is much more hazardous than black fungus infection because it affects not just the lungs as well as the nails, skin, stomach, kidney, brain, private parts, and mouth.

According to doctors, the white fungus infects the lungs as well, and an infection similar to COVID-19 is detected when an infected patient undergoes HRCT.
According to Dr. S N Singh, Chief of Microbiology at PMCH, all four people infected with White Fungus displayed coronavirus-like symptoms but were not COVID-19 positive. However, their lungs were found to be infected, and after tests, they were given anti-fungal medications and recovered.

Dr. Singh also noted that, like Black Fungus, White Fungus is more dangerous for those with weakened immune systems. Diabetes patients and those who have been taking steroids for a long time are more likely to become infected with White Fungus. White Fungus is also a problem for coronavirus patients who are on oxygen. The white fungus is directly affecting these patients’ lungs. Cancer patients, according to doctors, should be on the lookout for White Fungus.

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The White Fungus is also infecting children and women, and doctors believe it is the primary cause of Leucorrhoea. Dr. Singh stated that it is simple to prevent White Fungus infection by properly sanitizing the oxygen or ventilator. In Patna, two people have died as a result of the black fungus. A local doctor was among succumbed to the infection on 17th May at the Ruban Memorial Hospital, a private facility in Patna. On May 12, a 58-year-old man from Kaimur died a day after being admitted to Patna’s AIIMS. The total cases of White Fungus in Bihar has jumped to 4.