The farmers’ tractor rally after being hijacked by certain elements left few parts of the national capital in mayhem on Republic Day. The protest which had been going peacefully for more than 2 months with farmers from all across the nation struggling for their demands at Delhi borders amidst biting cold, is now being critically analyzed all across because of the havoc wreaked by few individuals  with their own agendas. 

Demands for probe into the funding of the farmers’ protest have been doing rounds and these demands have intensified after the tractor rally. The protest has received funding mostly from NRIs residing in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. As it is widely known, a humongous number of people originating from Punjab are settled in these countries. These people have sent remittances to their family members and relatives who have been protesting for the repeal of farm laws. These funds have been contributed to cover langar costs, medical aid, warm clothes and blankets for the elderly farmers and other basic necessities. 

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Some groups have also questioned the cost of the thousands of tractors that rallied, in terms of petrol and diesel. Most of the tractors had come from the state of Punjab where the protesters have support of most of the citizens, many petrol pumps in the state were observed to be offering to fill petrol tanks of tractors going for the rally free of cost. In addition Punjab citizens have also consistently supplied truckloads of stock of eatables and other items for protesters from their own villages and cities, sitting at the borders.  

Nonetheless funds collected and used for the protest have no harm however the National Investigation Agency is looking to find if money which is being collected in the name of the protests, but is being diverted to fund separatist activities by few organizations including Sikhs for Justice (SJF).