Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Agnipath scheme: Protests continue in Bihar against Centre

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Protests in Bihar against ‘Agnipath,’ a recruiting system created by the Central government for Indian youth to serve in the Armed Forces, continued for the second straight day on Friday, with demonstrators disrupting train travel in several districts.

The Rajbara Gumti route in Begusarai district was blocked by irate youngsters. Trains were delayed as agitated demonstrators opted to vent their grievances by squatting on the railway rails. Roads were also closed in some spots. A tyre was burned on the train track during the demonstration. Students caused a commotion at the district’s Sahebpurkamal train station, as well as burning and stone-pelting.

A similar uproar erupted in the Lakhisarai district. A large gathering of demonstrators marched throughout the district against the Central Government’s programme. During the rally, anti-government chants were also chanted.

Local police officers present at the scene alleged, “They were preventing me from filming a video and even took my phone. Approximately 4-5 compartments are impacted. Passengers disembarked and proceeded on their own.”

A similar anti-scheme rally was held in Uttar Pradesh’s Balia. A large mob assembled at Ballia Railway Station to oppose the Agnipath proposal.

Earlier on Thursday, hundreds of aspirants disrupted rail and road traffic in Bihar, as police fired tear gas shells to disperse them in protest of the Central government’s ‘Agnipath’ plan for recruitment in the armed services.

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