A trainee at the Paratrooper Training School (PTS) in Agra died during routine sky diving exercise on Thursday when his parachute failed to deploy after he jumped from an Antonov-32 aircraft at 11,000 feet height, the ANI reported. According to initial reports, 26-year-old Hardeep Singh, who hails from Punjab’s Patiala, was training for air dropping at the Malpura dropping zone along with 34 other jawans of the 11th Regiment of the Indian Air Force (IAF). Hardeep crash-landed on a patato field after his parachute got tied in his left hand and didn’t open even after Singh pulled the pilot chut or the rip cord handle. The severely injured Singh succumbed to injuries on his way to the army hospital.

According to the postmortem report, Singh suffered multiple injuries and internal bleeding. Reports say Singh had taken part in the 14th routine sky diving exercise of the two-month course that includes 35 jumps. He served in the services for over five years and was posted in Assam. In March 24, Lance Naik Sunil Kumar, an Indian Army paratrooper from Para One Brigade, had died during routine sky diving exercise at Malpura dropping zone in Agra. Kumar sustained head injuries after his parachute failed to open.

The motto of the Paratrooper Training School, Agra, is ‘Saahas Kaushalam Balam’ (courage, skill, strength)

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