May 1st onwards, the 3rd phase of vaccination will begin in earnest and people of age 18 and above will be authorised for vaccination. The Central government yesterday i.e. 24 April had released guidelines regarding the flawless execution of the New Vaccination Strategy for the benefit of states and Union Territories.

The Union Health secretary Rajesh Bhushan the chairman of the Empowered Group on Technology and Data Management, Dr RS Sharma also headed a high-clearance meeting to instruct states and Union Territories on the New Vaccination Strategy and examine their plans to deal with coronavirus.

During the meeting, states and Union Territories were told to set up further private Covid Vaccination Centres (CVCs). They were also guided on working as per the proper protocol and utilising technology and machines to better deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

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The New Vaccination Strategy will enable all adults of age 18 and above to be eligible for vaccination. It will also allow the vaccine doses to be sold through the market. While this will allow all adults to be vaccinated, people of age 45 and above will remain a priority and the younger ones will only receive vaccines once they are available for private sales. The vaccine manufacturing firms are expected to release their price tags for the vaccines before May 1.

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